If You're building or buying a home, consider the contemporary basement alternative-a permanent wood Foundation, or PWF. Just What exactly is a Permanent Wood Foundation? It's a load-bearing Lumber-framed foundation wall sheathed with plywood. All lumber and plywood components are pressure-treated to withstand decay from moisture and damage by termites. Southern Pine dimension lumber is the strongest structural species, the ideal material for PWF construction. Southern Pine is also the preferred species when pressure-treatment with preservatives is required, because of it's treatability. The unique 
cellular structure of Southern Pine permits deep, uniform penetration
 of the preservative, rendering the wood useless as a food source for termites.
A Proven, Practical System:
 Durability of the PWF system is demonstrated by long-term ground tests conducted by the USDA's Forest Service. In these tests, pressure-treated wood has withstood severe decay and termite conditions over decades of exposure. PWF walls are designedto resist and distribute earth, wind and seismic loads and stresses that may crack other types of foundations. The Permanent Wood Foundation is accepted by the major model building codes, by federal agencies, and by lending, home warranty, and fire insurance institutions. And it has been proven by years of success in more than 300,000 homes and other structures throughout the U.S. Like conventional wood frame walls, the wood foundation is adaptable to virtually any design. The PWF fits a variety of floor plans and can be used for both level and sloping sites.
All lumber and plywood is pressure treated with a waterborne preservative to withstand severe decay conditions. Specific treating industry standards and quality control for PWF materials are established. Southern Pine is the preferred wood species for the pressure treatment process.
PWF wall panels can be prefabricated or built at the site. Installation is fast and simple, using the same framing crew that builds the rest of the house.
A complete PWF basement, ready for first floor framing. Basement wall framing easily accepts insulation to meet the new energy codes now enforced in many states.
A treated wood floor is the ideal partner for the PWF, enhancing the comfort of below-ground living areas.
Virtually any home design-traditional or contemporary- can benefit from the many advantages of a PWF. Room additions are simplified too.