Southern Pine Facts
The forests of the South are often called "America's Woodbasket." 
Here are just a few of the many reasons why:
200 million acres, or 40% of the United States' timberland is located in the South.
The South grows 23% of the nation's softwood timber and 44% of the hardwood timber.
The most abundant Southern softwood species, by volume, is the Southern
  yellow pine, making up one-third of the total inventory.
Southern softwood removals comprise 53% of the U.S. total; hardwood removals 60%.
The 13 Southern states harvest 43% of softwood sawlogs and 53% of hardwood
  sawlogs produced nationally.
These states also account for over half the plywood roundwood and two-thirds
  of the pulpwood.
Annually, 9 million cubic feet of wood is harvested in the South.
Each year, the South's landowners (industrial and non-industrial) plant 1.2 billion trees,
  an average of 3,288,000 trees per day.
Sources:  American Forest & Paper Associations * USDA Forest Service, Fredrick Cubbage and Robert Abt, North Carolina State University, Department of Forestry