Superior Wood Foundations 
Permanent Wood Foundation And Concrete 
Foundation Price Comparison Sheet

Wood Prices


Concrete Prices


Excavate Basement

  ______Yards of P-Rock @ $_______ N/A
Included Basement footings, walls waterproofing  
  PWF Materials N/A
  PWF Labor N/A
Included Garage Footings  
Included Garage Block  
Included Walk-out walls, Labor  
Included Walk-out walls, Materials  
N/A ______ lin. ft sill sealer @ $ _______  
Included ______ lin. ft. treated sole plate @ $ _______  
Included Labor to install sole plate  
Included Sump Crock  
N/A Sub-soil drain plumbing labor  
Included Grade change furring, Materials  
Included Grade change furring, Labor  
  PWF floor, Materials N/A
  PWF floor, Labor N/A
N/A _____ cubic yards fill sand @ $ ______  
N/A Labor to install fill sand  
Included Under slab vapor barrier  
N/A ______ yards concrete @ $ _______  
N/A ____ square ft. Concrete slab labor