P . W . F . Advantages
A warmer, dryer basement.
Savings in utility costs
Reduced Construction time.
Year-around installations.
Less cost to finish basement.
Suitable for use in lower soil 
  bearing capacities.
Absorbs and distributes loads
  and stresses that crack concrete footings.
A PWF basement is as dry, clean-smelling and habitable as upstairs living space.
  The design of the PWF System allows ground water to divert around and under the basement rather than collecting in the "bowl" created by the typical concrete foundation. Moisture caught in this bowl "wicks" through the concrete causing the basement to be musty and damp. The PWF System collects water farther from the interior of the basement and disposes of it before the moisture has an opportunity to enter the room.
PWF basements are built of Southern Yellow Pine.
One of the strongest species of framing lumber available. Pressure treated to resist damage from moisture and insects each piece of material is inspected, and marked certifying it "Foundation Grade". A properly installed Permanent Wood Foundation is warranted against fungal and insect damage for 75 years.  
PWF basements save energy.
A home with an insulated PWF can have up to 50% less heat loss than a comparable energy efficient home built with a standard masonry basement.